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  • Buzz, Kitty, and Liz were designed in part originally by my friend who chooses to stay anonymous. Thank you so much! ❤️💙

  • I won't see fanart, but you can draw it if you like, but we ask firmly proshippers leave these designs alone entirely, especially since one of our headmates is directly based on one of these designs and your "reclaiming" can be harmful to their health. Thanks!

kris | he/him | 23

General Labels
Queer. Transgender. Assigned female at birth. Un-officially-diagnosed-but-repeatedly-told-its-most-likely-intersex. Transmasculine. Anti-exclusionist.
  • We are a multiple system. We have DID which was diagnosed in our teenage years. We're not really the best educator on this, so we suggest places like morethanone, Astrea's Web, and healthymultiplicity for information, but basically: "Kris" is used as an umbrella term that refers to several people in our system. All of those use he/him (some use other pronouns in addition) and are considered "a Kris." This group (called The Kris Cluster) has taken over these MOGAI projects from another headmate named Ez.

  • This doesn't actually affect our ability to do stuff that much, really, so don't worry about it much if you're a singlet (a person who doesn't have a system). We share memories easily and are co-conscious all the time.

  • You can use plural or singular he/him to refer to the Krises, and call us Kris, the Krises, or The Kris Cluster. Members of the Kris cluster might use I/me/myself or we/us/ourselves interchangeably.

  • When on Discord, individual members of the Kris Cluster and the rest of our system may use the bot Pluralkit to send messages. You can use the pronouns/names they display with when you see them in Discord. Only the Krises handle our MOGAI projects and are the only ones who answer messages/emails/etc, however.

Hi, I'm Kris!

Other Relevant Things
Officially diagnosed with PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, some physical disabilities + other things. White. American.



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Things in italics are absolute no-gos, whereas the regular text indicates I'm ok with doing it for Patrons, or taking pronoun-related requests for. When it comes to pronoun suggesting, I try to be a little more liberal and may be okay to suggest pronouns for something I wouldn't want to coin a gender for. (For one, making a list of pronouns is a lot less interaction with a subject that upsets me.)
Something listed here =/= me judging you for being involved with it or implying you're somehow "wrong" for it, it's literally just my boundaries and what I do/don't feel comfortable with making flags/terms/edits about. This is mostly "these topics can cause me intrusive thoughts, just go somewhere else." This isn't a stance/DNI page.

do not interact / follow if...

Even though I'm a resource account, some things make me very uncomfortable. Please respect my boundaries!


Please Note
If you're on my DNI, you can use my resources. They're for helping the community at large. I don't want you to follow me/show up in my notes on Tumblr, etc, though, because that can upset me. This is my FAQ dedicated to my DNI, check it for clarifications.

do not interact:

  • Transmeds, truscum, "gender critical," TERFs or "Anti-MOGAI"

  • "Proship"/"comship," incest/pedo shipper, pro-incest/"consang", "dead dove don't eat", anti-anti or use racist terms like "fanpol" to justify that kind of group

  • Panphobe, aphobe, stelliphobe, etc bigots of perfectly normal labels

  • "Anti-endos"/System gatekeepers (I am traumagenic!)

  • Users on the NCB archive notably Rouge-the-bat/Bi-lesbian & Plurgai/Transfemasc/Dead-Dove-Dont-Eat - or anyone who defends these people

  • users

  • Sprinkles/Seeroftherosebush/deaddoveclub-discordhaven or anyone who defends rose

  • Identify or endorse "transabled"/"transage"

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  • People/blogs heavily focused on LGBTQ+ flag discourse

  • Or if you allow/reblog/retweet from any of these groups knowingly. That includes the attitude of "I'm fine with them as long as they don’t hurt anyone!" or whatever.

Please Note
Everything on my DNI is there from* experience *- please be aware you're not really gonna convince me to remove something. I am a 23 year old ass man who's been in the MOGAI community about 7 years. I know who I don't want in my online space by now, I'm tired of arguing and expending energy on "debates" meant to insult me, and I'm setting these boundaries and asking you to BLOCK ME if it enrages you or something. DNI means "do not interact" not private message me to tell me I'm a jerk for not wanting you to interact - you people are the exact reason your group is on my DNI.

additional note

If I follow or something and I make you uncomfortable for whatever reason/you don't want me to reblog from you, you can tell me and I will stop, no questions asked. You have that right. Or block me if you're not comfortable messaging. (Sometimes Tumblr is buggy, you may want to block my main blog as well)

frequently asked questions

terms of use for my stuff:

  • I would like to know beforehand if you're wanting to use a pride flag i made in something that might make you profit! I will generally give you the go ahead, but i need to know first.

  • Please don't use pride icons or other pride edits I've made if you're on my DNI. This can be harmful to my emotional health, sorry.

  • You are generally welcome to make use of any resource i've written, except in mocking manners such as cringe/flop videos, subreddits, etc. These are against most website's terms of service and I'm happy to start emailing support/staff if I catch my stuff being mocked.

  • My terms do not and will never include p/dophilia or inc/st, even "consensual." I fact, you could even say every term I coin has an unsaid air of being anti-abuse like that. :)

  • Additionally, please do not "recoin" (steal) my terms because you're mad I include something you exclude. Repost my flag and note I'm a scary inclusionist or whatever.

"What does [term] mean? Is [term] valid?"

If looking at one of the above resources hasn't answered what you're looking for, you can try searching on genderheaven, there's 5+ years of stuff reblogged there so you can probably find something useful! If these resources don't help, feel free to ask, but please actually look by yourself first, yeah?[Also, I think calling terms "valid" is honestly a bad idea. People just exist. Their existence doesn't have to be "valid," and I vibe pretty hard with the anti-validity movement. You may be interested in looking that up.]Additionally, some non-MOGAI terms you might be confused about:

"I'm writing an article/report/etc, can I include this quote from you?"

Sure, as long as it's not mocking!

"I'm writing an article/report/etc, can I interview you?"

I'm always up for interviews! Right now I don't have consistent phone service, so the best way to get in touch is through email. If I don't respond fast enough to an email, feel free to message me on Instagram or something. No longer available online for this, sorry.
In general: Don't ask, just use my stuff as long as you're not mocking me or profiting off it.

"Can you TLDR this?"

Yes! I'm sometimes bad at saying things concisely (I think it's an ADHD thing, too many thoughts at once) so I won't be offended if you need me to rephrase.

"Can you promo my blog/post?"

Usually yes! However, my notes are very busy (I have 700+ followers) and I WILL miss it if you @ me, you should probably just put "genderheaven" in one of the first five Tumblr tags and I'll reblog it when I see it in the tag.

"Can I repost this thing you've made..?"

It depends. I think it's neat when people post my graphics onto sites I'm not on, like Pinterest and such. More specific situations:
Reposting my graphics on your Tumblr: No. Just reblog it..??
Reposting my flags/terms on your Tumblr that's an identity hoard: Yes, fine. You have to mention I coined it, though.
Reposting my graphics on your Instagram: Okay if you ask me first and advertise my Ko-Fi in the post.
Putting my flags on any Wiki or resource that is not Yes, as long as you source/cite correctly. Basically, if you can't cite it, absolutely not. Cite things correctly.
"Reclaiming" my flags or terms to be about excluding any queer group, or endorsing abuse such as pedophilia, incest, or zoophilia: No, and if I see that you've done this I will issue a DMCA takedown notice. :) Given that these images/flags were originally created by myself, I have that ability.

"What can i request?"

Requests are permanently closed.

"Can you make a term that's...?"

Generally, I can! If you ask, I'll list genders/terms that might fit what you're looking for. If nothing seems to exist, I can coin new stuff. I generally try to be open to subjects and fandoms but might have to reject certain things based on squicks and triggers. Requests are permanently closed.

"What is a dni?"

"DNI" means "do not interact," and "RBF" means "read before you follow." Both of these are online shorthands that are used by many MOGAI bloggers as quick and easy ways to display their boundaries. This is less relevant in more professional spaces. For more information, I suggest this resource right here.This is much less relevant in a professional scope and is mainly here because most of my presence is on social media where the things listed are common discourse topics.

"what does this term that's on your dni mean?"

If you've never heard of a term or are wondering why I decided to put it here, please don't ask me about it; This is mentally tiring and most of these are on here because of the subject being triggering. I wrote out a HUGE page explaining EVERY single entry and including links for further reading, so go check that out instead.

"I'm on your dni, can i use this flag/term/etc?"

Generally, yeah you can. For terms I've coined: These are real identities which have a level of separation from the boundaries I've set - While I did coin/work on these things, my coining it sort of just puts it out there in the world, and if someone comes across it and realizes "oh wow, that's ME" I can't necessarily make them. Un-be that, if that makes sense.
The only exception would be if someone who said they identified as a term was twisting it in a fashion to make it bigoted or predatory (which I have seen with some other terms, ex weirdos co-opting terms like amatopunk to try to make it about literal incest despite the definition and coiner being very clear that amatopunk is not that).
I disagree with a lot of statements made by coiners of terms or flags I identify with, but I can't really make myself. Not be that.I just would prefer you not follow me/show up in my notes on any of my Tumblrs if you're on my DNI. This can make me very upset. (Most of the terms I work on have pages on the MOGAI Wiki, you can link to that if you want.)
I also don't want you to remake my flags specifically because you are on my DNI. Repost it if you want a post with it, and note somewhere I'm an inclusionist of something you exclude or whatever.

"what is the ncb?"

At one point, I found it frustrating for my poor memory that I couldn't remember all the blogs of a user who was arophobic to avoid reblogging from them. So, as a protective measure, I made a Google Doc I called the NCB: The Neolabel Community Blocklist. This was intended to hold sources for events that happened, and list users that one might want to block in advance because their actions might make you not want to interact/block them to feel safer.
This wasn't like a burn book with petty reasons - People on the NCB ranged from transphobes and racists to abusers, pro-incest/consang, and proshippers. As of November 2021, I'm no longer the authority on the NCB and haven't been involved with it a whole lot. I helped with coding, and then somewhat with coding and rewriting entries when the Plurgai fallout happened. The NCB is now no longer active and will never be updated again.

"Are you... Anti-semitic?"

Not. On purpose?There have been repeated incidents of me being accused of this on anon. I believe this comes from false and/or unexplained claims to counter me calling others out on ableism and other issues.
No example has actually provided context or a source. I genuinely don't know what's being mentioned, so I can't do anything about it, and these asks also usually come with statements defending someone called Kindness-Flags, who is a Tumblr user I called out for defending TGCE, because she did that so aggressively I originally assumed they were one and the same. That situation is long and complex, and you can check out those links. More than likely, this is Kindness-Flags or a supporter who's mad that I called them out for saying a Google Doc full of sourced examples of being bigoted, along with sourced examples of someone literally abusing someone else and threatening to kill them, was nothing more than "callout culture."
It's also possible it could be in reference to a post I reblogged that wasn't appropriate for me to reblog. It was written by a Jewish person, so I assumed they'd be the authority. However. Someone else who was Jewish messaged me about it. And explained the issue. And I deleted the post. And posted an apology. There's also the time I was accused of being a system gatekeeper when I'm a pro-endogenic man with DID, and the person accusing me of this also calls me antisemitic but doesn't explain why..? This person is literally 15 so I'm not holding it much against them.
TDLR Not that I know of, check me if I am, be aware that because I've called people out on defending abusers/harassers/bigots, anons seem to think they can spread rumors about me.
If I do something noticeably wrong, feel free to contact me about it. But as for this, I literally don't know what's being referenced and Anon apparently is allergic to sources or explaining.


I've unfortunately been accused of cyberstalking and/or doxxing by two pro-incest shippers who were on the NCB. This is extremely easy to prove, as there's no evidence of me doing these things.. Cyberstalking is defined by many legal sources as being repeated incidents of interacting with someone against their wishes.Putting someone's Tumblr posts into a web archiver, and then putting those posts and their URLs into a Google Doc that said "block and move on," and then not interacting with them otherwise is not stalking. (That Google Doc also no longer exists.) I made no attempts to find out personal information about these people, I didn't seek them out to repeatedly message, I didn't threaten them with harm, and I didn't say untrue things about them. I put their usernames on a singular website on a Google Doc so that people uncomfortable with their presence could block if they want. (I personally think anyone can critique me for the creation of the NCB all they want, and I want to be open to critique. What I'm not open to is literally accusing me of crimes.)- For Starfaerry/Bi-Lesbian, one accuser, it was not untrue that fae is a proshipper, and my main motivation for ever calling faer out is that fae was breaking my own DNI at the time by following me when I found out fae was a proshipper, which upset me greatly.
You can read more about the evidences of that situation here: Original post I made about Rouge w/ screenshots | Post by someone else talking about the manipulative silencing tactics | Comments from me on the situation
- For Deaddoveclub-discordhaven/Seeroftherosebush/Uncommongenders/Sprinkles, I put rose on the NCB because of rose blowing up at someone in all caps for using a shade of blue in their flag and for being ship "neutral" because I misinterpreted it as meaning rose had identified that way for some time, and therefore was breaking my DNI. Kit was on that Google Doc for 17 days, and then contacted me to be removed, and I complied. Rose and I have barely ever spoken or interacted. You can read more evidences of that situation here.This is not me saying neither of these people are not allowed to feel hurt by me putting them on blast, I would never try to assert that, and even now I don't wish them harm or harassment. Putting someone's Tumblr blog URLs onto a Google Doc is not doxxing nor is it stalking, however. I talk a bit more about this on my DNI FAQ if you're curious.Basically, take things you may hear with a grain of salt. Make sure that they aren't coming from proshippers or people on the NCB archive. Ask to see sources.

"...Did you force someone to reveal their assigned gender at birth?"

No. This accusation, I know where it comes from directly. I called out Kindness-Flags for what's mentioned in the above answer, and as a result of it, she received asks encouraging her to reveal her AGAB. In fact, here's an anonymous ask that Neopronouns received which is probably from the same anon that K-F received, which was posted May 17th if that means anything. They were under the assumption that TGCE was AMAB.
The NCB has always asked that readers don't harass or be jerks to the people on it. A blocklist is for blocking.
In fact, I literally added to the Google Doc I was maintaining about the situation that I didn't approve of it.
I literally cannot control the actions of other people. I'm not happy people made K-F feel like she had to do that, but I also had nothing to do with it whatsoever and claiming that I did that is blatantly untrue.
TDLR No. I put a racist on blast for being racist, and 20+ sideblogs appeared to defend him, along with 40+ anons which began to claim I did this to discredit me. Lovely.

"Why is x on your dni?"

Because of the nature of this page, expect there to be triggering topics of literally all kinds.

Please Note
If you're on my DNI, you can use my resources. They're for helping the community at large. I don't want you to follow me/show up in my notes on Tumblr, etc, though, because that can upset me. This is my FAQ dedicated to my DNI, check it for clarifications.

Transmed, Truscum:
❝Truscum are people who believe that dysphoria is required to be transgender, while Transmeds believe that you are only a valid transgender person if you go through medical transitioning. Trumed is a mashup of the two terms.
Both parties have been shown to harass trans people who experience no or very little dysphoria, calling them “Transtrenders” and claiming that they’re only identifying as trans for attention, or that they're just confused about their identity. They also claim that these people are the ones making the transgender community look bad to outsiders.❞
Truscum treated me personally like garbage even when I was a "real" trans person in their eyes - When I didn't use neopronouns, only identified as a binary male, etc. I've always been completely dysphoric, and it doesn't matter. I've also constantly watched these groups be EXTREMELY racist, a good number of them I've encountered outright were white people trying to "disprove" that culturally significant terms like Two-Spirit "don't exist" or are somehow harmful to "REAL" trans people..?

TERF, Gender Critical:
TERFs are Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. They’re infamous in LGBT+ spaces for being very discriminatory towards trans women, as they believe they’re not real women. Some TERFs also believe that transgender men aren't real men,sometimes referring to them as "Lost sisters".
SWERFs are Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists. They harass sex workers in the name of feminism, claiming that sex workers are the reason feminism is "Not taken seriously".
TEHMs are Trans Exclusionary Homosexual Males. They are cis men who harass trans men, claiming that they are "Invading" gay spaces and "Deceiving" gay men into getting into relationships and/or sleeping with them.They commonly misgender trans men, and harass them if they use the word "Gay" to describe themselves.❞
Anti-MOGAI is a term I personally think is a little silly because MOGAI doesn't equate to any particular kind of political idealogy, nor does it equal those "made up" genders truscum are usually talking about. MOGAI is literally just a proposed alternative to LGBTQ+, and. Uh. Essentially calling yourself anti-LGBTQ+ is not great!
But this is a phrasing these people tend to apply to themselves, so I've included it here. Anti-MOGAI people tend to be one of the other exclusionist groups already mentioned above. They are "anti" the MOGAI acronym, and generally think MOGAI folks are making up genders to be special or something else like that. I wrote an entire ass Carrd about how people misuse the word MOGAI, including how anti-MOGAI folk literally used to spread the misinformation that it was made to include p/dophiles.
(Spoiler alert, it wasn't, that was something else, and anti-MOGAI were saying this about a p/dophilia survivor who was 16 at the time of coining. Because of actions like this, anybody who would label themselves this way is not welcome here.)

MAP: A minor-attracted-person is a term that originated from 4chan trolling, and then became a seriously-used one that usually refers to pedophiles who want pride and community to enable their attraction.
Anti-anti, proshipper: Both of these words suck and are unclear about what they mean, but by and large these groups are MAPs with a fresh coat of paint. I say this because more often than not, they enjoy, produce, and encourage material that focuses on "bad ships", which is another term I dislike because it's so unclear and could mean so much - But in these contexts, it's usually incest or minor x adult. These groups enjoy making fictional pedophilic content.
❝Anti-Antis (Also referred to as Proshippers) are people who believe that they can ship incestuous/pedophilic/abusive relationships, because it's "just fiction".
These people commonly use the excuse that their ships are "just fiction" to glorify and push away the fact that their ships are commonly incestuous, pedophilic, and/or abusive.
They tend to ship adoptive/fostered family members together since "they're not blood related", or a minor with an alien/incredibly old/immortal being (such as someone of another species which lives longer than humans/has a different perception of age as humans, or some kind of god/divine entity/alien with no known or confirmed age).
The reason they're called Anti-Antis is due to the fact that they call people who disagree with their ship tastes "Antis", meaning that they are against or "anti" their ships.❞
Links: Noagegapsallowed | Rebuttals to common proship arguments

are you an anti?
no im a person with a functioning brain is what i am, the internet trying to reduce this down to just some ideological difference with bizarro reductionist terms to try and reframe the issue at hand as a simple disagreement on preference is fvcking ridiculous and only serves to protect those who can and have fvcked up actual real people.
if you look at the image of, explicit representation of, what is in context and confirmed as a 9 year old child and go “what if they had s3x”, that is a problem, that is not healthy behavior, and to treat that me being appalled by and hating that people are spreading written and drawn child prnography is just me being some “anti” is like. where is your head even at, where did everyone’s critical thinking skills go?*please take a minute to evaluate the actual issue at hand.
- tratserenoyreve

the reason we bring up our trauma when it comes to ‘shipping discourse’ is because we want people to realize just how fuckin serious what they’re doing is. ‘it’s just fiction!!1!’ no, it’s just just fiction, it’s the romanticization/fetishization of childhood trauma that’s created for the sole purpose of getting off to.there’s not anything inherently wrong with exploring darker topics in fiction, even if you haven’t gone through those events yourself, or even projecting on fictional characters, (OC or otherwise), and using them as a coping mechanism. we have friends who explore darker topics in fiction all the time, and they put the time and effort into doing the research on the characters they’re writing and the exact traumas and mental illnesses that they’re going through. that is perfectly fine, and even normal.
but there is something inherently wrong with fetishizing and romanticizing abuse and trauma because it does nothing but validate the worldviews of people who actually do those things IRL. it makes kids think that adults doing stuff like that to them is perfectly fine and okay. it normalizes things like paedophilia and other forms of child abuse.
when children get desensitized to things like that, it has a severe effect on them in the future and many, many ‘antis’ are living proof of this, such as ourselves. no matter how much you tag it, no matter how many warnings you put on it, your paedo fetish incest fic will eventually make it into the hands of minors and kids, whether you want to believe it or not.fiction and what people see in (social) media in general has an effect on reality, and if you don’t believe that, you’re absolutely blind.
- weirdcourse

"Comship": Comship is a term directly made for proshippers to be "stealth".
I think there absolutely is nuance in shipping, relationships, and the like. That feels like a no brainer to me - Of course relationships are complicated, and I'm not trying to deny that and I don't think any logical antishipper is trying to, either.
Comship is, in essence, proship rebranded, as well as more unknown/stealth, giving comshippers more ease of mind.❞ - The literal coining Carrd for comshipBut the label of "comship" was literally specifically coined so proshippers could be "stealthy," which is absolutely terrifying to me as someone who doesn't want proshippers to be around me - The idea of them trying to "stealth" around is scary as shit, and it's for that reason that anyone who would label as comship needs to stay VERY far away from me.No one who would willingly identify as a proshipper, comship, or who ships incest/pedo/etc ships or contributes to this content needs to be anywhere near me.
I'm also not debating this, I don't enjoy being triggered.

"Anti-endogenic"/system gatekeeper: Anti-endos are "anti" endogenic systems, which are systems that don't attribute their plurality to trauma. (That doesn't mean they never experienced trauma BTW, this label is about their own opinions on how their system formed.) I don't want people who think you can be "anti" a system origin near me.1) Historically, and especially in non-American cultures, having other people in your head for reasons besides dissociation from trauma is very normalized. Being anti-endogenic is always racist and xenophobic. (Additionally, it's worth nothing that diagnostic manuals outside of the USA even specify that alters alone doesn't indicate the presence of a disorder.)2) Anti endogenics usually seem to not know what they're talking about. they always seem to claim endogenics are claiming to have DID. I... have only seen one person claim you can have DID without trauma in the past few years, and it was a 15 year old who got dozens of disagreeing messages from other pro-endos. DID =/= alters. Alters = one symptom of DID, DID is not alters disorder. Even the Wikipedia page on DID can tell you this. Endogenics I've met don't tend to claim they somehow have DID without any trauma or symptoms of it, they just "claim" (and by that I mean, ARE, I have no right to assert I know what's happening in someone else's head) being plural. not the disorder. Anti endogenics typically don't even know what they're arguing against. No one is fucking saying you can have this disorder heavily associated with traumatic experiences without any trauma, and that's not what I'm saying either. All it is repeating facts.3) Anti endogenics have repeatedly mistreated me. I am officially diagnosed with DID and the host of a traumagenic plural system, and anti-endogenics make me feel unsafe as hell. These people have fakeclaimed me repeatedly, claiming I'm lying about my diagnosis because I wasn't anti-endo; at one point to a 1000+ follower count, because I asked them to not interact. Anti-endogenics have harassed me to the point I injured myself, and then quote retweeted me mentioning that with a goddamn Kpop fancam.
For a group that acts like they're protecting traumagenic systems, they sure enjoy harassing anyone who doesn't agree with them.
I'm not debating this with you, and your hate messages about it are gauranteed to trigger me. Shut up and read something about plurality that isn't a post some rando made on Twitter/Insta/Discord. Learn how to pirate medical journals and study handbooks.
Because of experiences like that - I'm absolutely not debating you on this and you need to respect that.
Links: | Pluralpedia | Endogenicsystems | Endogenics have always been accepted in the community | Anti-endos causing ableism | Anti-endos suicide baiting

The Neolabel Community Blocklist, or support someone who is: The NCB is a list of people to block. **You can find it right here**. I made this after realizing it was hard for me to keep track of the URLs of a few MOGAI bloggers I knew of who had been exposed for abusing someone or for other extremely harmful things. The NCB is what it says: A blocklist, for people to block and then move on, not any sort of "burn book." I no longer operate it, and it's been shut down.
You are welcome to have your own opinions about how I handled the NCB's operation and feel however you want. You should also be aware that there is evidence on the NCB related to pedophilia, incest, rape, abuse, racism, and similar topics, so read with caution.
Links: NCB tag, Cancel Culture Is Not Real, Call-Out Culture Isn’t Toxic, You Are

TGCE, Kindness-Flags: TGCE was the common URL of a popular MOGAI blogger. He made people uncomfortable by being racist to a Native person, and the situation spiraled into a lot of sockpuppet blog making and other related issues, including hateful anons being sent to anyone who so much as implied disliking TGCE.
Kindness-flags, I at one point suspected to be TGCE because of a number of extreme similarities. Whether or not they're the same person, K-F condemned the entire NCB repeatedly and only focused on defending TGCE, which is extremely scary because TGCE is not the only person on there. There are abusers, self-identified pedophiles, and other serious issues mentioned on that list. And repeatedly, K-F only spoke up to defend TGCE in context of that list.
Links: TGCE & K-F's Google Doc | Genderpedia's TGCE page

Bi-Lesbian/Rouge-the-bat: Rouge (not even sure of actual name?) is an anti-anti who has stated on one occasion fae believes racism against White people exists, and on many occasions has shut people down who have concerns about lo's anti-anti status by saying it triggers lov and not to bring up shipcourse - But then also reblogged shipcourse that seemed to support what lo believes. Because of things like this and the fact lo followed my blogs when I had anti-antis on my DNI, I added lo to the NCB. Lo then proceeded to accuse me of doxxing and stalking after we hadn't interacted whatsoever for months. Which. I did not do. I did not dox or stalk anyone. I put Tumblr URLs on a Google Doc. And people can be uncomfortable that I had that Doc, sure. It's still not doxxing. Doxxing and stalking are literal crimes, and things I did not do. Hopefully it seems reasonable, y'know, I don't really want anyone who would defend faer to interact, right?
Links: Original post I made about Rouge w/ screenshots | Post by someone else talking about the manipulative silencing tactics | Comments from me on the situation

Sprinkles/Mae/Seeroftherosebush: Mae is a proshipper who used to go by uncommongenders. When I had the NCB, after watching rose blow up at someone for using the "wrong" shade of blue on a flag, I added rose, and then shortly after that, rose came out as ship neutral. Mae was on the NCB Google Doc (a Doc that no longer exists) for 17 days. After which, we spoke through email and I removed rose.
For clarity, I'm not happy with how I handled all of that situation and I think anyone involved is allowed to feel hurt. However, I also think it's absolutely fucking wild to claim that someone I've spoken to maybe four times is abusing you. I don't have archives anymore, but Mae also made a lot of very nonsensical claims about how those 17 days of being on a Google Doc ruined rose's marriage and made all rose's friends hate rose or something, in addition to falsely accusing me of sending anon hate and calling rose an abuser - neither of which I did. Mae is also now an open "transage" proshipper who posts about incest, so.
While the situation is messy and "drama," hopefully it makes sense why I don't want someone who condones these actions to interact.
I have no ill wishes against rose, mostly just wish I could not get accused of things that didn't happen.
Links: The "Ezgender-abuse" Carrd rose made and my commentary | The notice on the NCB archive | Claims

Helldriiven/Hebebur/CS&G/Capri Suns & Gushers, Transfemasc/Plurgai/Dead-Dove-Dont-Eat/Queerpedia-info/Otoko-futanari/Not-your-introsource, probably more URLs because it remakes blogs every 5 seconds: Plurgai was once a popular MOGAI & plural coiner/flag maker. It had already garned controversy for defending the DSMP so aggressively, an incident where it tried to justify the idea of putting minorities on your DNI, and then it revealed it was an anti-anti and that wasn't new - Which was fuckin awful, considering that it was in MANY Discord servers that did not allow those, including the one I run. It had already knowingly broken the "no omegaverse fans" DNI, but I felt pressured into letting it stay at the time.Then - It was recently outed as being 100% pro-IRL incest, identifying as a kodocon, justifying attraction to the children in its system by saying they weren't real children, making a "your fave is a MAP" account, creating MAP pride flags, having a sideblog with literal loli/shotacon BSDM porn on it, racism, ableism in the form of "transabled" stuff - among a lot of other shit!! I used to think I could be friends with this system. But it knowingly entered my Discord server and followed me while identifying as an anti-anti, even before the whole incest and rape mess, long before it started identifying as a MAP and "transage", knowingly breaking my boundaries and those of many others, and then has done nothing but blame not only me but the other people it did this to for being hurt. I do not want someone who excuses this behavior near me, fuck off.Links: The Plurgai situation | Archived DDDE page | Screenshots and archives of DDDE's behavior | Archived CS&G page, from before it admitted to DDDE being its subsystem | "LGBT-MAP Unity" Queerpedia is the queer Wiki that CS&G owns and operates that had the LGBT-MAP unity page, and still has other similar pages/terms. If you can see that Wiki and find no issue with its content being very clearly supporting it instead of warning about the subjects, time to block me.

❝The Dream SMP is a private Minecraft survival multiplayer server run by Dream. It features many prominent Minecraft YouTubers and streamers, including GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, Philza, Technoblade, Ranboo, BadBoyHalo, and many, many more.❞
- TvTropes
Various members of the DSMP have been in hot water for cheating in speedruns, racism, rape jokes, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, and a lot more. I understand hyperfixations aren't exactly a chosen thing and this is not aimed at anyone who's ever enjoyed this or has this as a hyperfixation - This is more aimed at people who literally cannot let this series be criticized.
PoC have the right to not forgive someone who's made a racist comment even if they've apologized, disabled people have the same, etc. If you find it necessary to comment "BUT HE APOLOGIZED!!!" every time a member of a group these people have hurt says that they're hurt, just block me. If you aggressively assert that none of these people have done anything wrong, just block me.
Links: Dream SMP Receipts

Omegaverse: Sometimes called A/B/O, but I've stopped using this because those three letters also happen to be a slur against Aboriginal people without the slashes.
❝The Omegaverse is an alternate universe (AU) of speculative erotic fiction that started in the Supernatural fandom. Smut fics are notoriously nonvanilla, and beyond being extremely graphic, Omegaverse fics have been criticized for depictions of assault and sexual violence because much of it revolves around nonconsensual mating and forced birth. Fics within the Omegaverse often depict feral sex scenes between two male characters, whose "secondary sex" is assigned as "Alpha" or "Omega."
Within this universe, characters are categorized as "Alphas," "Betas," and "Omegas," which is why stories within the Omegaverse are also known as A/B/O fics. Per this thorough guide by Wattpad author Velvelyami, Alphas are the highest ranking in this fictional universe's lupine hierarchy, and whether male, female, or any other gender, are typically characterized by dominance and aggression. No matter their gender, Alphas impregnate others but cannot be impregnated themselves.❞
- What the hell is the Omegaverse, and why is it all over TikTok?
Basically, Omegaverse refers to a fanfiction subtrope that I am extremely uncomfortable with because it's usually loaded with sexual assault, fetishization of gay men, and sometimes even goes as far as to include transphobic 'explanations' of perisex cis men giving birth. I do not want omegaverse fans/people who happily consume this content to interact with me.

Transabled: "Transabled" is a word that may be used by people who aren't currently physically disabled, but wish to be, and may seek out things like literal amputation. Body Integrity Disorder is a real condition (one you could consider a disability in fact!), and one that deserves respect and education so more people can learn about it. I'm not against people with a mental illness, of course, I'm specifically talking about someone who chooses to use the word "transabled." I think that anyone who willingly uses this word knows what they're doing and the harm that potential conflation with the transgender community does.Transage: Transage is often used by people who feel like a different age from their chronological age. Age regression is a valid experience that deserves respect and can happen as a result of many mental illnesses, and as a member of a system who's literally not always been the same age as the body, I absolutely understand how alienating it can be to have experiences that don't line up with the body you're in. Not denying that people experience these things.
What I am not comfortable with is the fact that the word "transage" has been used for literal YEARS by pedophiles as a justification for their actions against children, and I think that anyone who willingly uses this word knows what they're doing, and knows of the the harm that potential conflation with the transgender community can do. I am even more uncomfortable with this word knowing that CS&G, mentioned above, identifies as "transage" and makes flags for the term and variants. It doesn't make me feel any better knowing a self-identified MAP/kodocon/sh-ta kinkster uses it.
Use literally any other word for your experiences, and we're good.

Flag Discourse: Specifically, what I'm talking about is people who focus heavily on attacking others for what flags they use for their LGBTQ+ identity. This isn't to say I think this doesn't matter entirely, but if you're on Twitter telling people to die and then quote retweeting it with a Kpop fancam because they used the ""toothpaste"" gay flag, I think you are severely misunderstanding how our entire community has gotten it's progress and need to get new priorities instead of encouraging infighting. (I also just see a lot of straight up. Lying about flag creators when these discourses start. Which is extremely frustrating. Too many times, I have literally witnessed provably false claims that the creator of X flag is a literal pedophile, a racist, a rapist, and etc, and then it turns out that what happened is being attributed to the completely wrong person...)
Links: My flag discourse tag | History of the gay man flag |

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